Last update: 02/18/2005


EmiFreq applet is just a little applet for the Gnome 2 desktop to show and control the CPU frequency scaling for laptops thanks to the CPUFreq /sys interface of the Linux Kernel 2.6. It follows the basic principles of the Gnome desktop, such as ease of use and ergonomics. To get a first impression of it, you can look go to the screenshots section. This software is licensed under the GNU GPL 2 or later.



The following table will eventually show the different packages available for download:

Source codeemifreq-applet-0.18.tar.gz

Older releases can be found in the archive directory.


Here are the necessary screenshots:

EmiFreq applet with custom frequency and temperature shown in the tooltip
Emifreq with a custom frequency and temperature shown in the tooltip
Emifreq applet with maximum performance and temperature next to the icon
EmiFreq using the performance governor and showing temperature next to the icon

Emifreq applet on a vertical panel
EmiFreq on a vertical panel. Note the gauge is rotated counter-clockwise.
Emifreq applet menu to change speed
The EmiFreq applet menu to change speed thanks to the emifreqd daemon.

Here is the preferences dialog:

The preferences dialog

Here is the about dialog:

The about dialog
/?\Note: This one may sound silly to be here, but even though it could be thought as very typical, it's not at all ;)


Here's the TODO list as of the 0.18 release, sorted by priority:


You can contact me to ask for features, report bugs to fix, help with translations or packages, if you have trouble making it running or just to send me your remarks at the following address : stephane.demurget (at!) Sorry, you'll have to replace "(at!)" by the "@" symbol. This is just for me to avoid spam.